The Book of Sir Saint Bodhi

So it was, that horrible stormy night, that on the strike of the midnite star, future right-hand man of the master Alvis was born. And he was called Bodhi of Boosheeba. Bodhi was a complicated man. He was a former drug-addict who has come to the sacred ways of drinking and revenge. So it was, that when he broke up with the all-girl band Hanson before their debut, he set out on one most incredible journey. He walked down the road of loneliness to that coveted spot, Ceasar's Palace. And in that said Ceasar's Palace, all was lost. The money went to the native tribe that lived there, and Bodhi left town, without his britches.

And this Time, Alvis had heard of he miscreant. Alvis left his poker game and went to help the man of Boosheeba. Alvis believed everyone deserved a 2nd chance, so he decided to talk to Bodhi.

On the start of Bodhi's long journey home, Alvis came to him in a drunken hallucination and told him of the future and gave him advice.

Alvis said "Why dost thou woller in yur own self-pity?" Bodhi replied "I'm nothing more than a druggie, a useless man" to which Alvis replied, "No, me son, smoking marijuana and eating psilocybin mushrooms is what Alvistime is about. After drinking and revenge." To which Bodhi vomited "Gee, is that really true?" And our protector said. "Yeah, its the only thing that pretty much makes Adult Swim funny." And Bodhi walked off, to buy more psychedelic mushroooms, 'cause he already ate a bunch of them.

Bodhi's dealer,
Sir Justin C. of Lafitte

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