The Book of Alvis

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The Book of Alvis is a work in progress. Anyone can contribute! All you need is a good story about Alvis. I have written a couple under different formats to give some examples of what I think would be in the Book and ways to do it. Just as a reminder, it was in fact the Romans who killed Alvis in the end, not the Krebs. Feel free to write anything and send it to me. As long as it teaches a good Alvis lesson, and includes a name to which it should be credited, I will be happy to put it up here. Don't ever worry about writing things that don't jive with others, that can always be fixed with another book that goes in between. or not.

Charlie I
Davey I
NEW!The Story of Davis written by Ryan
NEWER!The Disciples of Alviswritten by Saint Justin of Absinth
NEWEST!HolbytatUncovered and transcribed by Saint Alfred deRugby
NEWESTer!Bodhiwritten by Sir Justin C. of Lafitte