Charlie I

As a child, Alvis was an excellent marksman, and could drink a grown man under the table.
His child-like innocence was seen only in His eyes, for the blood in his veins was ice cold.

The Romans, after hearing of His miracle birth 8 years later, came to see Delia. They all
had their way with her, or maybe she had her way with them. In any event, they learned
the truth of Alvis and became worried, 'for He may one day take over the world
and if we couldn't do it why should He be allowed,' they reasoned.

So the Romans devised a plan to eliminate Alvis and His mother immediately following
their visit to Delia. In the middle of the following night, they broke into the house
where Delia and Alvis were known to be staying, killing everyone in sight. But there
were no children that fit young Alvis' description. They eventually decided that
one of the younger boys must have been Him, and went back to the Inn.

Upon returning from a late night drinking binge, Alvis found His living quarters to be in shambles.
There was a small child hiding under a stack of hay in one of the corners. Alvis said unto the child,
'Who comes in the house of Alvis and slaughters His family?' The child responded,
'They were big men with shiny bronze hats and armour! They were looking for You and Your mother!'

With this, young Alvis stormed out of the house and went straight to the Inn to see if
the innkeeper, Charlie, had noticed any strange men with bronze armour. On His way,
He saw one of them in a nearby alleyway tormenting a woman and asked him
where he was from and what he was doing here.

’I’m a Roman, I’m here on business.’

’I’m Alvis, Son of Delia. What is your business?’

The man’s jaw dropped and he dropped the woman to the ground, ’You’re Alvis?’

’Yes, where are the others?’

’They are staying at the Inn, but that is of no concern to you young one. You are abo... ’
Alvis did not let him finish. His draw was quick and His aim steady.
He headed towards the Inn.

’Charlie, where are the Romans staying?’

’Thar out in teh spar stable. Ters too many of em to put em up in seprit rooms, save one,
he wanted a room to hisself,’ said Charlie, ’He’s in 3.’

Alvis went out to the stable and killed the 8 Romans inside with no problems. Hearing this,
the leader was going to see what the matter was as Alvis was approaching.

’Back it up mister,’ Alvis said as he pointed a gun directly at his face,
'I need to talk to you a minute. Why do you and your men come to kill me and my family?’

’We heard you might take over the world one day, and we came to prevent it from happening,’ the man answered.

’Me? Did anyone send you?’

’No, not really...'

’Vengeance is Mine!’ exclaimed Alvis, then he shot that guy right in the freakin’ face.

Alvis went back to Charlie to tell him of the mess He’d made and what the Romans had done.
Charlie wasn’t worried about the mess, and he offered a room in which Alvis could stay.
Alvis accepted the offer explaining there was another boy back at the house who was hiding
when the Romans came,and they could share the room.

'Wheredaya keep the whiskey Charlie, Imagonna need som’ore...'
Charlie began to get the whiskey out and Alvis went back after the boy.

’Davey! Davey, you can come out now, all the bad guys are gone.’ He said.

’Oh good Alvis, I’m glad! What are we gonna do?’

’Charlie said we can shack up at his inn for a while. I figure we can fix this place back up in the meantime, maybe we could sell it.’

Alvis and Davey grew to be great drinkin’ buddies over the years,
Davey was what you could call the original follower.

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