Davey I

1. We were playing cards at a local saloon with some of the posse, when some strangers walked in the bar looking for Alvis. 2. The strangers wanted to challenge Alvis one by one; they apparently had a death wish. 3. One of the strangers revealed himself as Daniel Macarthur, one of the most feared gunmen in the west.

4. 'I’m drinkin’ and playin’ cards right now, why don’t y’all come back tomorrow,' said Alvis.

5. The bar was silent, and the strangers didn’t back down. 'What’s wrong with right now,' one of them said, 'This is Daniel Macarthur right here, you don’t wanna rub him the wrong way now doya?'

6. When such blatant disregard for Alvis is given, the outcome is inevitable. 7. Alvis got up, and went outside where he proceeded to plow through Macarthur’s entire posse in their duals. 8. When it came down to Macarthur, I could tell he had his doubts. 9. Instead of squaring off evenly, he shot at and wounded a member of our party and dropped dead before his bullet was halfway to us.

10. 'Don’t ever interrupt a man’s card game while he’s drinkin with his buddies. To Me, there’s nothing worse...' Alvis shook his head in disgust.

11. And it shall be; for whenever Alvis was around, no matter whose game was interrupted, Alvis took vengeance on the interrupters.

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