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10/11/05 Holy Delia mother of Alvis!!! It's been almost a year! This place was/is a wreck. lots of stupid links in the guestbook and what not. I removed the entire guestbook. Time for a new one. It seems as though Freeservers has some new features I might look into. I just no got a new job, I know, unemployed for a whole year and I still didn't keep up with this site. It was a lot more work than I thought. If you try to send me an email, make sure you write ALVIS in caps, besides the real topic. Everything's back to normal in my world, praise Alvis!
11/3/04 - update - It's been a long time comin!!! I finally got motivated.
5/2/04 - New update - What's New? Sadly the poll was taken away unbeknownst to me. I'm assuming based on the last time I saw it, Alvistide will be Dec.31-Jan.2 but if anyone knows different email me.

Nothing new for quite a while now, but I am still here. Thank you all for the interest in writing new books for The Book of Alvis. There should be some new ones posted very soon! Keep it coming!!

First I would like to apologize
for the banners and/or pop-ups as I am not made of money and cannot afford a proper web site, what extra money I do have usually goes to whiskey and ham, especially during Alvistime. And for the fact that I have never made a site, but I felt as though I needed to learn for this.

Why make a religion of Alvis page?
To spread the Word of Alvis, of course! I'm sure there are other followers of Alvis out there. I wanted a place for Alvians to be able to come together and share stories of Alvistime Extravaganzas and revenge, discuss which liquors are best for Alvistide, decide a date for Alvisday, work together on a book of Alvis, and stay unorganized, for that is one of the true beauties of Alvism.

We don't need an organized church of Alvis yet anyway, just a togetherness that no other religion can touch. Maybe one day Alvis will bless us to have enough followers to become a recognized religion, but that is in the future. Right now, the only thing that is important is drinkin, drinkin and revenge.

2/22/04 New updates the last few days!What's New

Much thanks to Rob from for the images and all his help

Go visit those jerks over in pod six

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