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11/3/04 It has been much longer than I had expected. I sort of didn't do anything for a long time. The Man's been keepin me down. For a while I was questioning my faith in Alvis but He runs through my blood with great vengeance once again. There is a couple of new books The Book of Holbytat and Saint Bodhi. You should check them out they are Fantastic! As always your comments, suggestions and help in general are extremely welcome because I still have no idea how to run a website if you hadn't figured it out by now.

11/3/04 Just in case some of you besides those who emailed me with concerns of my legal matters would like to know, I kind of got off a little easy. I was sentenced to 2 months home detention(house arrest), no driving for a year, to seek treatment at a mental health facility and follow all their rules, 6 months probation supervised, and 6 months unsupervised. No jail, community service, or road crew! But everything else in my life has been turned upside down, then sideways and shook about in every direction. I've been lied to by, probation, Center for Behavioral Health, work, and insurance. My asshole father decided to quit paying support on my little brother who is stuck at college with next to no money and there is nothing we can do about it. My mom is about to file bankrupcy(Sp?) and so it looks like I will never get out of debt and out of her house, because now I can't just live with her for free and pay bills. Probation made me quit my job to go to treatment because where I live they only have it during evenings. The alternative was to get a taxi to drive 30 miles to come get me, 30 miles to treatment, 30 miles home, and 30 miles back to where it cam from, 3 days a week! So I took leave from work to keep my insurance so they'd pay my treatment bill. Insurance told me they'd pay 100% of my treatment bills only to change their mind because the treatment place cannot prove I needed to be there. The treatment place has made me go extra because they "lost" some paperwork, and I will be responsible for both my part and that of my insurance. But what it all boils down to is I owe treatment and probation about $2500 by June to be out of trouble, then I get to work on paying back everyone else who lended me money. I've been trying to hit the lottery to no avail. So other than that everything is great!

5/2/04 Well here I am again seems I come by once a month or so. I have two bits of good news and a bit of bad news. The 1st is Saint Justin of Absinth has contributed a book to the Book of Alvis! hooray! It is The Disciples of Alvis. The 2nd is I will get to come by much more often now. The bad news is why I get to come by more often, I got arrested 3 weekends ago and the dust is finally starting to settle. I won't have a driver's license for at least a year. It was my second OWI in 2 years which is not good. Hopefully my lawyer will be a good one and get me out of most of the trouble. This time I was drinking a lot of Evan Williams Kentucky Bourbon. last time I was barely drunk enough to fail the breathalizer, not this time. However, this time I made it to my destination but hit a curb when I got there because it was unfamiliar territory, I was outside fixing the tire when a conservation officer came by and said police were on the way, so there might be a case. Oh well I hope to hear from more of you soon.

The Book of Alvis Project is going well, there seems to be plenty of interest. Gaps in the stories are welcome and so are you to write them! There will be at least 2 new books coming very soon, one about Alvis' mighty father Davis, and one being an Alvian version of Easter! They sound exciting! Send me your stories or ideas if you would rather not write them. One day it would be great to publish it, but look at me, I'm drunk again. I don't think its gonna happen. ramble ramble ramble Book of Alvis! ramble ramble ramble

This is where I will tell you what is different due to feedback.

Also, It will be the place for new books in The Book of Alvis to be posted. (separate of the whole book which will be added (hopefully) as we (I hope I'm not the only one who writes) go.

As with any good book, many people need to contribute if only a little bit.

I conquered the guestbook! It will now work just fine.

Images from The Feast Of Alvis have been added all over.

Unfortunately, I did something incredibly stupid and messed everything up in the process of adding the pics, so I lost over a whole day's work and the original poll. I do, however, still have the results of the original poll they are here.

I've redone almost everything in no time(in comparison to the first time I did it). I'm starting to catch on to this whole website thing.

1/30 In The Beginning section, there is now pictures of the story of Alvis.

2/2 I have been busy the last few days writing many "books" that could go into The Book of Alvis. I have posted 2, Charlie I and Davey I, and added a new page to the site Books. Both are written under a different format, either one seems like it could work. These were my favorite ones, they are examples of what I mean by submitting books to go into The Book of Alvis. I think if we all work together we can make something good.

2/22 New story in The Book of Alvis, it is The Story of Davis contributed by Ryan